Sauk County Community Videos

Historical Perspectives


Tour of 1886 Baraboo, Bird’s Eye Map

Baraboo's 1886 Bird's Eye map has many interesting features. Paul Wolter, of the Sauk County Historical Society, takes viewers on a journey through various points of interest on this historic map. He also compares the homes and businesses from 1886, to how they look today. 40 minutes. Produced and videoed by Bill Schuette. October, 2014

Beyond the Settlement - The Germans Arrive - Early Reedsburg History - Part 2 of 2

Presented by Cheryl Schwarzenbart. The Germans come to town. Reedsburg in the early to mid-20th Century.

Lake Delton

Presentation about the early days of Lake Delton, Wisconsin, and the history of the lake. 
And about the men and women who had the dream that some day the Lake Delton area would become a major tourist attraction. Includes scenes of the 2008 flood and breech that drained the lake!

Reedsburg 1874 Bird’s Eye Map 

The drawing, published in 1874 is essentially a map of the city at the time, with the added details of individual buildings, trees, wagon traffic, and pedestrians. Landmarks include the Baraboo River, Old Loganville Road, and the former Woolen Mill. The railroad, which came to Reedsburg in 1872, is featured, as well as a number of businesses, churches, and the public school.

Reedsburg 101

Part 1

The early history of Reedsburg.

A history of Reedsburg, WI, Part 1 presented by Paul Wolter, Sauk County Historical Society Executive Director.

Reedsburg 101

Part 2

A history of Reedsburg, WI, Part 2 presented by Paul Wolter, Sauk County Historical Society Executive Director. Covers the early history of the city, including some of it's early Pioneers.

Discover Wisconsin May 2018

In the middle of the Driftless Area in central Wisconsin lies the city of Reedsburg, a city whose natural beauty offers some pretty breathtaking views and plenty of outdoor adventure! Hosts Mariah Haberman and Eric Paulsen take in all this growing community has to offer, starting with The Baraboo River.

Rock Springs, Part 1

A Sauk County Historical Society lecture on the history of Rock Springs-Ableman, WI

Rock Springs, Part 2

 This presentation by Paul Wolter, Executive Director of the Sauk County Historical Society, will build on the Rock Springs “101” lecture. A brief recap of the “101” lecture on the origins of the community will include a look at some of the earliest pictures of Rock Springs. Newly available digitally searchable issues of the Baraboo News, provided interesting insights, for this lecture, into the early history of Ableman (Rock Springs), and to its founder, Col. Ableman.

Spring Green, Part 1

The history of Spring Green. 

Spring Green, Part 2

The history of Spring Green, continued.

The Baraboo River, A Cultural History   Part 1

Winding over 100 miles through Wisconsin’s Driftless region, the Baraboo River has nurtured mankind in this area for thousands of years. The river was eventually harnessed with eleven dams and provided water power for a variety of industries that fueled the growth of ten communities along its path. Today all the dams are gone and the river has once again returned to a free-flowing state. Learn about the river and the communities along its route.


The Baraboo River, A Cultural History   Part 2

See description for Part 1 above.