May 2018 Accessions

Accession List with Descriptions
Accession# Source / Description Accession date Items

2018.26 Marini, Michael 05/01/2018 4
Hat, Sauk County Junior Deputy Sheriff, c. 1959
Shirt, Sauk County Junior Deputy Sheriff, c. 1959
Badge, Sauk County Junior Deputy Sheriff, c. 1959
Digital Image: Michael Marini wearing above with two other Sheriffs at the 1959 Circus Opening Day Parade
in front of circus Wagon

2018.27 Powers, Jane 05/04/2018 26
26 original images that have been lent to SCHS for the purpose of scanning and adding the digital files to our
collection and use by SCHS including uploading to on-line platforms. The original images were lent to SCHS
as L2018.3 for use and return to Owner, Jane Powers. The Scanned collection has become part of our Digital
Image Collection.

2018.28 City of Baraboo 05/17/2018 34
34 photographs that have been lent to SCHS for the purpose of scanning and adding the digital files to our
collection and for use by SCHS including uploading to online platforms. The images were lent to SCHS as
L2018.4 under this agreement for use and return to Owner, the City of Baraboo. The scanned collection will
become part of our Digital Image Collection

2018.29 Baraboo Public Library 05/23/2018
Slide and Audio Presentations:
Baraboo from It's Beginnings to 1976 (slides parts 1 & 2, copy 1 )
(Audio, Part 1, copy 3)
(Audio, Part 2, copy 1,)
Baraboo Circus Parade, 1980 Copyright by The Studio, 1980, slides and Audio cassette
Sauk County History: Scherschel Interview (slides, copy 1)
(Audio Cassette, copy 1)
August Derleth and Ron Rich, (slides copy 1)
(Audio 1)
VHS Tapes, "Baraboo, from Its Beginnings to 1976"
Film: "Loganville 1907" color, 23 min.
Clipping, Newspaper: BNR about making "Baraboo From its Beginnings to 1976"

2018.30 Goc, Michael and Barbara 05/23/2018
Book: Reedsburg's Architectural heritage, 1884; Reedsburg Committee
Papers: A Brief History of the Dams of the Baraboo River (1840-2003); Citizens for Waterfront Revitalization;
Baraboo, 2003
Book: Folks 'n Folklore; Huber, Lola O'Brien, 2000
Book: A Kraemer Chronicle; Geesaman, Claire; Edgewood College, 1982
print, photographic; Baraboo Student Anti-German Demonstration, 1917-18 (copy)
Research documents: The Archie Barber Trial, March 8-11, 1921; copies of news articles

2018.31 Geoghegan, John 05/23/2018 3
Print, Photographic, framed and glazed:
Sauk County Highway dept. Employees,, 1931
Sauk County Highway dept. Employees, 1949, identified
No. 501 Westbound and the Effinger Hotel, 1942

2018.32 Cole, Fran 05/23/2018 2
ticket: Juliar Theatre, Special Student price, $.44, number 008427
print, photographic; St. Mary's Ringling Hospital, Baraboo, Wis (2811 Moen); framed, glazed; framed in
wood taken from original Ringling Home when it was demolished, 1976-77 with note on verso

2018.33 Schellenberger, Bill and Alice 05/23/2018 3
Atlas, Sauk County Wisconsin, 1906
Docket Book: State of Wisconsin Justice Court, 1885-1899; Charles Haschinger, Justice of the Peace, pages
1-13 of 484 filled; not indexed
Page 1
Accession# Source / Description Accession date Items
Bag, Cloth; Morton Salt, 100 LBS

2018.34 Lake Forest College Archives 05/24/2018 1
Scrapbook: Sauk County Historical Society; Pilar to Yellow Thunder, Evening News, Oct. 15, 1909, Newport
Homecoming, Evening News, September 2, 1909, and misc. forms, announcements, 1909

2018.35 Power-O'Brien, Kathryn 05/31/2018
2) Portraits in Oil:
Catherine Mitchell Power, by Charles Durward, 1874
William Power, by Charles Durward, 1874
A Standard History of Sauk County, Wisconsin, Vol 2. Cole, Harry Elsworth, et al. The Lewis Publishing
Company, 1918
The Story of Durward's Glenn, Terry, Mary Grace. 1958
The Unlikely Legacy; John Ringling the Circus and Sarasota, Mathews, Kenneth and Robert McDevitt; Aaron
Publishers, 1979
A Lake Where Spirits Live, Lange, Kenneth. 1975
A Century and Ten Years of Banking; The Baraboo National Bank. 1967
Dedication; St. Clare's Hospital, Baraboo, Wisconsin. O'Connor, William, Reverend. 1963
The Challenge Dedication Book for the opening of St. Joseph Grade School, Baraboo, Wisconsin. 1958
Baraboo High School Commencement, 1928
Play, The Whole Town's Talking (2 copies)
Magazine: The Wisconsin Semi-Centennial Souvenir Edition of the Baraboo Republic. 1899
Sheet Music: Hamiltons Badger Boys, The War Song of the Third Regiment of Wisconsin Infantry, Veteran
Vols. Words by Bryant, E. E., Music by Kimberley, E. O.. 1899
Photographs, mounted:
406 Fourth Ave., Baraboo:
Living Room
Residence, exterior
Fishing, Mirror Lake, 1901 with W. J. Power
Koshawago Club at Devil's Lake, 1901, members identified verso
F. E. Morey and W. J. Power and others, 4th of July float, 1896
Will Hopkins and his wife, Jane Carley Hopkins, Baraboo, 1901; after his death, Jane married William J.
William J. Power, father of J. William Power. n.d. mounted; framed, glazed, and suspended; Trimpey Studio
Unmounted Photographs:
Baraboo High School class of 1928 composite with identification verso
James "Jay" William Power, b. Aug 5, 1911; 7 images mounted on paste board; one missing TRC
Certificate, Wedding: William J. Power and Jane Hopkins, July 29, 1908; signed John T. Durward, Paster
Newspaper clippings and reproductions; for files