March 2018 Accessions


  2018.19       Koehler, Shirley, 03/28/2018  23  Klondike Campground maps and photographs. 22) photographs;                              some color, some b/w. 3) pamphlets: Welcome to Klondike, the Kindschis.  1) pamphlet: Enjoy your                           outing more at Klondike Camping Grounds

  2018.20       Zick,  Allegra, 03/29/2018   1 Scrapbook: Dorothy Smith Woman's Christian Temperance                         Union, Baraboo Chapter, 1991-2013.  Dark Blue covers with gold boarder of three lines;  contains                               newspaper clippings, letters, photographs, calendars, certificates, programs affixed to pages with                            posts. WCTU no longer exists in Wisconsin.

  2018.21       Quinn, Paul,  03/29/2018   5 card, membership:  Teddy Bain, Junior member of the State Historical                       Society of Wis. 1949 Button, membership; The State Historical Society of Wisconsin Handbook,                                student; Baraboo High School, 1958. Newspaper: The Baraboo High Light; 17 issues between                                    1955-1959. Program, Baraboo High School Football; 10 issues between 1955-1959. Program, full page,                        BHS Football, 7 issues between 1956-1959. Program, Baraboo High School Basketball, 13 issues                                  between 1956-1959. Program, Baraboo High School Basketball, full sheet, 6 issues between 1956-1959

  2018.22       Braun, Donna, 03/29/2018   1  Program, Commencement, BHS, 1919; 6 quarter sheets, printed one                             side; tan tagboard covers embossed along left side with "Commencement" and encircled " '09" at BRC;                     tied with string left side; High School  Assembly Hall, June 9; with program for class play " A Night                           Off," Listing events include Class Day Exercises, June 12, Lakeview Hotel, Devil's Lake, and Alumni                            Banquet, June 14, at the Hotel Wellington, Baraboo

 Total Accessions:4      Total Items:30