What's New at the Sauk County Historical Society?


February 2018

January 2018

Postcard, Realphoto: Bridge over the Baraboo River, Ableman, Wis; Ironwork with iron railings; AZO with black triangles; divided back Postcard, Realphoto:

Room One, Public School, Ableman, Wis with Teacher Emma Bartenbach, Grandmother of the donor, and pupils in desks; Karbo; Real Photo stamp box, divided card 1909­

and more....

March 2018

Klondike Campground maps, photos, phamplets

Scrapbook on WCTU, Baraboo, 1991 - 2013, newspaper clippings, photos, letters

Membership Wisconsin State Historical Society 1949, Baraboo High Light newspapers 1955-1959

1919 Baraboo High School Commencement Program

and more....

"Map of the City of Reedsburg showing Property Divisions as of 1947." compiled by William H. Dierken, City Clerk, H. C. Amundson, City Enginee

2 Baraboo High School class of 1947 Reunion papers, including Reunion Booklets from: 1972, 1977 1982, 1987 1992, 1997 2007, 2012 Letters and newspaper clippings Baraboo High School class of 1944 papers, letters, and newspaper clippings and more....

Effinger family photos, Directory, 1981 BHS class of 1946,
Program, BHS class of 1946 Reunion of 1986, Powers artifacts.

JUNE 2018

                May 2018

Scrapbooks: Diamond Hill School Reunions
Scrapbook: Diamond Hill School Centennial, 1958
Scrapbook: County Farm School
Collections: Diamond Hill School and Sauk County
4-H Record Books: Lois Avonette Baumgarten, David Baumgarten prints, photographic (Diamond Hill Reunions?)
loose pages, 4-H books and instructions, reports
Scrapbook: 4-H Lois Baumgarten
Tape, VCR; Diamond Hill Reunion, July 19, 1986

Hat, Sauk County Junior Deputy Sheriff, c. 1959
Shirt, Sauk County Junior Deputy Sheriff, c. 1959
Badge, Sauk County Junior Deputy Sheriff, c. 1959

Baraboo Circus Parade, 1980 Copyright by The Studio, 1980, slides and Audio cassette

ticket: Juliar Theatre, Special Student price, $.44

Magazine: The Wisconsin Semi-Centennial Souvenir Edition of the Baraboo Republic. 1899

August 2018

July 2018

Camera, box; Brownie No. 2 B; purchased at Reedsburg Drug Store in 1927 for $2.50; 120 film

Plate, decorative, hand painted plate from BHS class of 1901; dated June 13, 1901

American Beauty/ Rickity-Rackity / Crickity-Crackity / Zip-Boom Bah- / 1901-1901- Rah-Rah-Rah" " June
13-/ Class of 1901"

Sauk County Reflections. McArthur, Joan, Photographer. My Publisher, n.d.

Booklet: Sauk City Bridge Dedication, August 12-14, 1966

2018.52 Larsen, Mona and Gene 08/15/2018. 1 Music, Sheet; "Daddy Mine, He's Got Those big Blue eyes like You”

2018.54 Meyer, Susan 08/16/2018. 1 print, photographic; Baraboo High School Band in uniforms with instruments, on Sauk County Court House Steps, c. 1934-1938.

2018.58 Larsen, Mona 08/21/2018. 1 Box, Cigar; Devil's Lake Specials/ Flor Fina; Factory, No. 2; District, Wis 50; interior lid illustrated with color rendition of bathers at Devil's lake, bath house in background; wood sides, cardboard base and lid.