July 2018 Accessions

Accession List with Descriptions     08/01/2018





Source / Description Accession date Items

McIntyre, William and Carol 07/09/2018 13
Nightgown and cap, belonging to donor's Grandmother Constance Brock Lane, (1835-1937)
Handkerchief Holder
Diploma, 1912: Melvin Lange from Excelsior #6 (donor's father)
Certificate, Baptismal, Lillian Lange, 1894 (donor's mother)
Camera, box; Brownie No. 2 B; purchased at Reedsburg Drug Store in 1927 for $2.50; 120 film

2) Suitcases; 1 composite with address
Carder, Wool; pair; wood with metal
Box, Dice, originally from Ritz and made in harness shop
Souvenir Toothpick Holder from Minneapolis
Steinhorst, Dorothy 07/11/2018 1
Plate, decorative, hand painted plate from BHS class of 1901; dated June 13, 1901; decorated with green field
with white flowers rimmed in blue, inscription at center: "1901/ BHS" "To Conquer is to Live/ Roses /
American Beauty/ Rickity-Rackity / Crickity-Crackity / Zip-Boom Bah- / 1901-1901- Rah-Rah-Rah" " June
13-/ Class of 1901"

Curry, Robert 07/12/2018 36
An Introductory Grammar and Composition; Swinton, William, 1874
National Second Reader, Parker and Watson, n.d
Beadle's Dime Dialogues No. 4; The Frost King and Summer Queen, 1866
Independent Fourth Reader; Watson, J. Madison. 1876
National Second Reader; Parker and Watson. 1874
National Primer; Parker and Watson, 1858
Sanders' Pictorial Primer, Sanders, Charles W., 1869
Children's Speaker, No. 6; Street and Smith, 1891
The National Third Reader, Parker and Watson, 1874
National fourth Reader; Parker, Richard and Watson, J.Madison, 1859 (incomplete)
Fred in a Fix and other Tales, author unknown, n.d.; signed A. H. Cook/ Greenfield, Sauk Co.
The National elementary Speller, Parker and Watson, 1871
Sanders' Union Speller; Sanders, Charles W., 1867
Primary Lessons and Tables in Arithmetic; Ray, Joseph., n.d.
White's Graded School Series; Primary Arithmetic, White, E.E., 1868 signed
White's Graded School Series; Primary Arithmetic, White, E.E., 1873
Elements of Written Arithmetic. Daies, Charles., 1873
A Book of Arithmetical Problems; Goff, Milton B. 1877
Hale's History of U.S. c. 1823 (p. 1-22 missing; covers missing)
History of the United States from 1492-1871; Martindale, Joseph C., M. D., 1872
Goodrich's History of the United States, Emerson, Joseph, 1833


A Complete Practical Guide to the Art of Dancing; Hillgrove, Thomas. n.d.

The Song Wave; Perkins, H. S., Danforth, H. J., Degraff, E. V., 1890

Song Greeting for High Schools, Emerson, L. O., 1884

The Story of a Fierce, Bad Rabbit. Potter, Beatrix. n.d. illustrated

Sing a Song of Sixpence and Other Good Stories; Henry Altemus Company, 1905

The House of Seven Gables, Hawthorne, Nathaniel. 1893

Love-Songs of Childhood. Field, Eugene. 1895

Narratives of Pious Children. Hendley, George, Rev., 1848

Accession# Source / Description Accession date Items

Poetical Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, (Complete),1844 leather cover detached
The Rose of Sharon, Sawyer, Mrs. C. M., editor. 1852 no cover
Molly the Drummer Boy. Comstock, Harriet T., 1900
Gems of Fable. 1861 cover detached
Bible: New Testament, Revised Version, translated out of the Greek, 1900
The Book of Common Prayer, 1915
Baraboo Telephone Directory, July, 1937

2018.46 McArthur, Joan
Sauk County Reflections. McArthur, Joan, Photographer. My Publisher, n.d.
This is Baraboo. McArthur, Joan, Photographer. unknown, n.d.
The Best of Baraboo, Coloring Book. McArthur, Joan, Illustrator. unknown, n.d.
07/19/2018 3
2018.47 Kingston, Jeff 07/25/2018
Badge: Sauk County Jr. Deputy Sheriff; five pointed star with rounded points, inscription at center in circle
with rays at arms, 1962-1963

2018.48 Cash, William 07/25/2018 1
print, photographic; panoramic: "Faculty and Student body, Baraboo High School, October 15, 1915" in front
of old high school and houses
2018.49 Klemm, Ethlyn 07/26/2018 1
Booklet: Sauk City Bridge Dedication, August 12-14, 1966; yellow paper covers, illustrated, advertisements,
history, celebration program
2018.50 Saldutti, Kurt 07/31/2018
Print, Photographic; Sauk County Board of Supervisors, 1979; taken in connection with Sauk City's 125th
Jubilee by the Fehrenbach Studio, Sauk City; with identifications
Certificate of Appreciation to Robert W. Slota, from the Sauk County Board of Supervisors, 1990
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