February 2018 Accessions


2017.118     Jantz, Barbaa 02/05/2018 1 folder: “Information about Fairfield Township gathered by Fayetta Paschen Ott over the course of her lifetime.” Include hand written letters, typed documents, maps, newspaper clippings, etc

2018.10     Brandt, Randy 02/14/2018 9 Ledger: Hickory Park School, 1869-1880 School Census: 42, 44, 45, 46,48 Teacher Contracts: Enoloa Weseloh, 46, 47 Annual Report to Superintendent: 42, 43 Teacher/Principals Annual Reports: 39, 40, 42, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48 Clerk's Annual Reports: 44, 45, 46, 47 Diploma: Graduation from Graded Schools: Willard Brandt, 1928 Program; Rural School Graduation, 1925, Edna Brandt Pamphlet: Will it Pay Me to go to High School?, Sanders, Thos., Racine, Wis., n.d.

2018.11 Washam, Paul and Judy 02/22/2018 3 2) Tags, delivery; from Scheible and Dyrud, Furniture and Rugs, Undertaking and Embalming, Baraboo, Wisconsin; single side printed on tagboard with tapered ends above grommeted hole; 6 x 12 cm; with Delivery address to be printed at top Notebook containing graph lined paper; red paper cover printed in black: Compliments of Erswell & Plummer; Furniture, Carpets, Rugs, Linoleum, Oil Cloth, Pictures and Frames; Funeral Directors, Baraboo, Wisconsin; 13.7 x 6.5 cm; pages blank

2018.12 Noel, John 02/22/2018 2 Postcard, Realphoto: Bridge over the Baraboo River, Ableman, Wis; Ironwork with iron railings; AZO with black triangles; divided back Postcard, Realphoto: Room One, Public School, Ableman, Wis with Teacher Emma Bartenbach, Grandmother of the donor, and pupils in desks; Karbo; Real Photo stamp box, divided card 1909­

2018.13     Poss, John 02/22/2018 1 envelope,yellow paper with three cent stamp addressed to Baraboo Wisconsin in black dipped ink, name obscured by routing mark (Dubuque?); handwritten in pencil across top: 1865/ Baraboo..... obscures addressee name; cut open at left side with loss and tear upward and to center on diagonal; stamp issued 1861 after the outbreak of the Civil War

2018.14     Town of Fairfield 02/23/2018 49 32 Photographs of Fairfield Township, donated to the Town of Fairfield by Gerry Ott

2018.15     Klett, Jon and Jennifer 02/26/2018 6 WW I Tunic, Cotton, belonged to Fred G. Klett Helmet, WW I, belonged to Fred G. Klett Booklett: Fred the Doughboy Photograph: Fred G. Klett Calendar; 1927 Fred G. Klett, LaValle insignia; pink chevron

2018.16     Lange, Donna 02/26/2018 2 Family History: Schrank Family Reedsburg Sesquicentennial files

2018.17     Larsen, Mona 02/27/2018 3 Postcard, picture; Sauk City Hotel Postcard, Realphoto; EKC; Blue and White Cabins, Baraboo, WI 64; not divided Print, Photographic; composit; Baraboo Fairfield School, Margaret Sweeney's grade 5 and 6, 1969-1970
2018.18 Total Accessions:  10  Jurkovich, Carol 02/27/2018 1 Off-Print: Old Settlers Illustrated Souvenir Album; Old Settlers' Association, c. 1899; 121 + pages, somewhat indexed, 8.75 x 5.75; white "alligator skin" textured hard covers; illustrated