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Explore Sauk County

Explore fascinating people and places in Sauk County. Click a photo to view the collection. 

Above & Beyond

Real life stories about men and women who made history in flight. 

Area Attractions

Sauk County has a variety of unique and interesting attractions. 

Devil's Lake

Explore a collection of images of the past places and events at Devil's Lake.

Historical Articles

These articles were compiled from various sources and consist of writings of early pioneers who describe the histories of the Sauk County area.

Sauk County Aerial Views

View Sauk County towns and villages from the sky. 

Sauk County Events

Take a tour of some of Sauk County's most memorable events

Sauk County Memories

Real life stories about memorable moments that became turning points in Sauk County. 

Sauk County Naturally

Sauk County is rich in natural beauty. View this collection of Sauk County's natural wonders.

WWI Letters

These letters home from soldiers of WWI  (or the Great War as it was known at the time) were originally published in the Baraboo News Republic.