“Business Firms of Old Newport”

Account Written by Dr. Ambrose Jones of Delton and Read Before the Sauk County Historical Society
April 1, 1909  

Newport Hotel

Newport Hotel

At the meeting of the Sauk County Historical society in February a list of the business firms that once were at Newport was read by Mrs. L. H. Palmer.  The list had been prepared by Dr. Ambrose Jones of Delton with some additions by others.  The list is not complete and in case other residents of Newport know of additional names we hope they will be sent to this paper.  The articles is as follows:   

Dr. Ambrose Jones settled in Newport in the spring of 1851 and found there John Marshall, Edward Norris, Joseph Kendrick, Bill Sted, Pat O’Hare, John Carbine, Henry Darrow, Col. Christie and later located there Dr. Jenkins, Abner Longley, B. King, Thomas Connor, Baron Von Steinwick, L.D. Markham, Abraham Vanderpool, Jacob Weber, Norman Stewart, Frank Stewart, Freeman Longley and some others.  

As to the business firms which once did business there the following may be said:  

The Stage House of Steele hotel was kept by William Steele and afterwards by Ed. Burhans.  

Charles Clark was the proprietor of the Clark hotel.  He was also a merchant tailor.  

There were at one time 13 stores of which Marshall & Nickerson owned six.  The Chandler Clark block consisted of two stores below with the hotel above.  Starr, Smith & Lewis had a hardware.  King & Longley groceries; Jacob Weber jewelry; Horace Bonface clothing; Sylvan Smith, tin shop; Freeman Longley and Edward Eaton general stores; Dr. Cross had a drug store as also did J.H. Barstow.  There were also in business Freeman Longley, Henry Darrow, Frank Stewart and Pettibone, now of Portage.  Marshall & Norris had a saw mill at the mouth of Dell Creek.  

Kingsbury had a steam mill about half a mile north of the mouth of Dell Creek.  

Morrison had a shoe shop, Thomas Connor conducted a merchant tailor shop with Rodwell as assistant.  

L.D. Markham was the blacksmith.  The physicians were Dr. A. Jones, Dr. George W. Jenkins, Dr. Cross and Dr. Ashley.  

Dr. Jones was also the photographer.  

Temple was the postmaster.  

John N. Smitz had the saddle and harness shop, J.P. Shults the wagon shop, Morrison the shoe shop and Joseph Kendrick operated the ferry. 

The brewery was located in a quiet place on the side of the hill not far from the Steele hotel.  A windlass brought the barrels up from below.  

J.W. Wood, formerly of Baraboo and now a resident of Sumner Washington was a lumber dealer.  

A private school was taught in a store by Mary Stewart (Mrs. Seth McGilvra of Ladysmith.)  A school house was also built at Dawn and among the teachers were Abner Longley and William Gillespie.  There were two rooms above and two below.  

There was one church, Presbyterian.  Services by other denominations were also held.  A former resident of the place says that one minister was Rev. Mueller, a fine fellow with a big Sunday school class but he wound up at a place where few men go.  

The mail was brought from Portage to Newport by stage.  

East of the river were Johnathan Bowman and others.  George Washington Bailey also resided there and made snare drums.  There was a hotel and store.  

The steamer Enterprise made regular trips between Galena and Newport for two or three years.  This was about 1851.