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Baraboo News, 5-10-1905

By E.D. Jackson, Minneapolis, Minn.

George Brown and the Founding of Baraboo

Baraboo News, Aug. 9th, 1906.

(By E.D. Jackson, Minneapolis, Minn.)

The Builders of Baraboo

By Elbridge D. Jackson, Minneapolis, Minn.

"News", 3-28-1906

From Friday’s Daily.

Pioneer Times in Baraboo: Coronor George B. Gibbons Recalls Early Day Incidents

The News, June 4, 1909

Baraboo Fire Forty Years Ago: Incident of the Days When ‘Shanghi’ Chandler Was a Resident Here

By Peter Richards.  Lodi, Wisconsin.

Baraboo News, Dec. 21, 1911.

Some Memories of Wisconsin House

Baraboo Republic, March 5, 1912

Recollections of Ableman In the Early Days

Written for the Sauk County Historical Society

 by Mrs. Eva Slye Alexander, Baraboo, Wi,  Jan. 25, 1917

The First Murder Trial in Baraboo

Written for the Sauk County Historical Society by Attorney R.T. Warner, Everett, Washington.

May 30, 1918

Stagecoach and Tavern Days in the Baraboo Region

By H.E. Cole, 1923

Baraboo News Publishing Company

Baraboo, Wis.

The Old Baraboo Race Track

By Harry Slye

July 31, 1924

The Noyes Home

May 19, 1927

Recollects When Big Cistern Was Dug Back in 1883

Dec. 25, 1930