August 2018 Accessions

Accession# Source / Description Accession date Items

2018.51 Jean-Pierre Dion and Jacqueline Beaudry Dion 08/09/2018 1

Book; Philip Pointon (1831-1881) Maitre-Potier; Baraboo, Cap-Rouge, Trenton, Baltimore, Staint-Jean;

written in French with illustrations, includes print of Pointon Pottery owned and exhibited by SCHS, page 10;

paper covers 8.5 x 7; 128 pgs; bibliography, not indexed, TOC; ISBN 978-2-9812228-2-4

2018.52 Larsen, Mona and Gene 08/15/2018 1

Music, Sheet; "Daddy Mine, He's Got Those big Blue eyes like You;'

2018.53 Hartmann, Forrest 08/15/2018 1

Candle holder, brass; foot with tall spindle supporting brass stop below sliding, three-tree holder mounted to

oversized, flat bulb beneath cone which moves up and down along spindle below flat collar suspending three

chains which hold a candle snuffer, trimmer, and poker; spindle ends in large ring with finial

2018.54 Meyer, Susan 08/16/2018 1

print, photographic; Baraboo High School Band in uniforms with instruments, on Sauk County Court House

Steps, c. 1934-1938

2018.55 Wendt-Schroeder, Al & Jean 08/16/2018 1

Program, history, and Order for Holy Communion, Witwen Tabernacle 100 year celebration, July 1, 2018

2018.56 Doepke, Bob 08/16/2018 1

Manuscript; "A History of William Thomas and his Family, Sauk County, Wi." Doepke, Bob, Comp. 2018;

plastic covers with yellow title page, spiral bound; illustrated; photocopy

2018.57 Jessie, Jeanne 08/20/2018 1

print, photographic; Sepia on cardboard; "1890's School classroom, Baraboo, Wi; Good Templars,"

2018.58 Larsen, Mona 08/21/2018 1

Box, Cigar; Devil's Lake Specials/ Flor Fina; Factory, No. 2; District, Wis 50; interior lid illustrated with color

rendition of bathers at Devil's lake, bath house in background; wood sides, cardboard base and lid

2018.59 Knispel, Barbara J. 08/24/2018 6

6) photographs

Frank Myron Koons inn Baraboo Basketball uniform

Elvira and Harry Koons (mother and father of Frank Koons); met in Baraboo and lived here, had 8 children

Frank Koons in WW I Uniform, 1919

Elvira in Rocking Chair

Elvira and house

Frank with old Car

2018.60 Krainik, Ralph and Pam 08/24/2018 1

Book: Wisconsin's Own; Twenty Remarkable Homes. Connolly, M. Caren and Wasserman, Louis, with

photographs by Zane Williams, illustrations by Louis Wasserman and M. Caren Connolly; Madison,

Wisconsin, Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2010;

304 pgs, Indexed, Illustrated, TOC.

Total Accessions: 10 Total Items: 15