April 2018 Accessions

Powers, Jane 04/04/2018 32
Digital Images:
Effinger children: Martha, Bertha, Lillian, Fred, 1889 or 90
Fred Effinger: Dosser Rohde/Chicago
Mother Colombe [and?] Pauline Andro; sisters of F. Effinger; Benedictine Convent in New Orleans, LA
The Effinger Hotel with group in front; Mrs. Ferd Sr, 2nd from R; Mr. Effinger 3rd from R
women in 2 lines; Mould Studio; includes Pauline Andro (Sister of Grandpa Effinger) and Anna Effinger
Pauline Effinger Andro with parents
Fred Effinger
Martha Effinger Melzl
Grandpa Ferd Effinger with group that went to Germany on Ship deck
Grandpa Ferd Effinger on porch, Effinger Park, 7/4/1939
Grandpa Effinger on Park Bench in Effinger Park, 1930's
Realphoto postcard: two nuns, tallest is Grandpa Effinger's sister
Realphoto postcard, AZO (diamond) Fruit and Vegetable post at Effinger Park Festival
Grandfather Ferdinand Effinger at one of the picnic tables, Effinger park, 1930's
Ferdinand Effinger with his sister the nun and two nieces
Realphoto postcard, Azo triangle, Grandmother Mielka
Ferdinand Effinger on porch with man, 7/4/1939 Effinger Park
back entrance to Effinger Park, 1937
Scene at Effinger Park, Baraboo, Wis # 6-30
Audrey Mead, Margarite Goude, Elizabeth Curry, 1922 or 23 Original and Copy
Dress sign on sofa back
Miss Jane Walsh Powers wearing dress that grandma Mead wore to the opening of the ART # 24
Salome North, 1924; given to classmate Audrey Mead
Parents of Grandpa Effinger with Sister Pauline (Andro) in Center (copy, 8x10)
T. Edwin Mead on left (copy, 8x10)
1913 family group (copy, 8x10)
Two Little Boys on [supine] Elephant with T. Edwin Mead, and Deefy Denon, trainer (copy, 8x10)
Husband and children of Audry Mead Walsh with Lillian Effinger (copy, 8x10)*Trudy Effinger, Carl Effinger
(Adolf Andro?) and Otto Dohlke/ Otto Dohlke, Ferd Effinger at beer barrel (copy, 8x10)
Ferd, Bertha Eerer, Martha Melzl, Lillian Mead, Fred Effinger, c. 1955 (copy, 8x10)
Back Entrance to Effinger Park (copy, 8x10)
Grandpa (Ferd) Effinger at Effinger Park (copy, 8x10)
Annie Effinger (Stepmother to Lillian), and Lillian Mead: Johnson's Studio (copy, 8x10)
untitled Nun and seated woman (copy, 8x10)

2018.23 Larsen, Mona and Gene 04/10/2018 1
Directory, BHS class of 1946 Reunion of 1981
Program, BHS class of 1946 Reunion of 1986

2018.24 Larsen, Mona and Gene 04/10/2018 1
Tape, VHS: Baraboo High School class of 1946 Reunions: 25, 40, 45, 50, 55 years

2018.25 Power-O'Brien, Kathryn 04/30/2018 9
2) wedding handkerchiefs
wedding dress; both worn and belonged to Jane Cawley Power, donor's Grandmother; made in the Power
Tailor Shop, Baraboo, Wi
Suit, Ivory, boys
dress, baptismal; both belonged to donor's father, J. William (Bill) Power, 1910-2000
Total Accessions: 4 Total Items: 43